What Radiant app should be developed next?

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Web wallet and radswap

Budget day calendar, O.S. system with blockchain, peer-to-peer softphone with blockchain, peer-to-peer softphone, vision with blockchain, IoT homeconnect, RaspberryPi foundation partnership, robotics application, blockchain-enabled accounting programs, specializations, digitization of technological tools for industries, insurance, cash register software for autonomous supermarket, governmental ID app (insurance, paymail, nft folder organizer, asset inheritance, op_timestamping,), scanner, avatar digitizer to NFTs, deep learning machine learning telescriptor, All this can be created to run a compartment OS, the blocks are the compartment. […].

For example all the airports in the world, hospitals, economy, communication network, using software that can do and enable porting to timestamped blockchain solutions. ipv6 will enable this function you will need to be standardized to connect to it with Bitcoin protocol.

"Hey buddy, all these ideas can be worth billions of dollars, if you make a fortune send me a tip :sunny: Good luck :crossed_fingers: "


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Radiant Dapp Development Tutorial

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Gambling, Games, other crypto analysis, A.I development (use the rad blockchain to validate datasets), Sport competition results, Music creation / storage / share, medical prescription anti-forge, medias (tv shows, Movies - no more streaming)…

The whole world is within our reach with this Rad blockchain!