100K Bounty for Electron-RAD Guide

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Title: Portable Electron-RAD Guide for Windows
Language: English
Provide step by step guide with pictures for installation of portable version of Electron-Rad, including creation of standard wallet with seed phrase, connection to Radpool ElectrumX and sending a transaction.


Here are three languages French, English and Japanese, my friend is sending me the Korean tonight as soon as he finishes translating. I’m still waiting for my sister-in-law’s confirmation to translate into Italian.

Impossible to attach PDFs in the forum here.
I used Wetransfer to send it to you. The link is active for 7 days to retrieve these 3 PDFs.

Korean add

My RAD wallet address is 149p2JCXSkTSSD8F5VmqWbf35FEVHL997B

Bounty paid! Thank you for the work! https://explorer.radiantblockchain.org/tx/466c4ff584cd57aef1b4d245c0e792be2d9cf0d5e521ae9243edccb16c032d84